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Meet the new arrivals to the Farm.
This is Inky, born February 17, 2023. She has no respect for the pasture fences and frequently squeezes through a small gap in the gate and seems to think the grass is greener on the other side.
This is Ida, born May 31, 2023. Ida's Mom wouldn't care for her so Kim began bottle feeding. Only a few days later Kim found Ida with a broken leg. Her leg splinted, Ida moved into our house. When Ida wasn't playing with the puppies she stayed in a large dog crate in our dining room. Her leg is almost healed and she'll be joining the other sheep in the pasture within days. 
The newest addition to our protection crew. Izzy is about 2 years old and had been dumped off at a home a few miles away. She has been accepted by our older dogs. She is being treated for heartworm, an ear infection is underweight, but all easily addressed.
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